Sunday, December 23, 2012

Andrew's Baptism

Outside Cover of the Program :

Inside Cover of the Program:

The Baptism of
Andrew Timothy Scribner

Pianist: Emily Swanson (Aunt )
Chorister: Mary Scribner (Grandma)
Conducting: Bishop Richard Green


Opening Song: Baptism

Opening Prayer: Masen Hiatt (Cousin)

Talk on Baptism: Rose Krueger (Nana)

Baptism of Andrew Scribner
Performed by Chad Scribner (Dad)
Witnessed by: Bryan Krueger(Papa)
               Steve Scribner (Grandpa)

Talk on the Holy Ghost: Danielle Scribner (Mom)

Confirmation of the Gift of the Holy Ghost
by Chad Scribner (Dad) and invited guests

Special Musical Number: Families Can Be Together Forever
Violinist: Rachel Krueger (Aunt)
Children's Choir
(All children in attendance are invited).

Message from the Bishop

Message from a Member of the Primary Presidency

Closing Song: Away in A Manger (Andrew plays the piano to accompany).

Closing Prayer: Molly Scribner (Sister)

Andrew would like to invite you to join us afterwards
for a light luncheon and birthday cake.

*Andrew planned out the entire program and asked everyone to participate

These are the men who helped confirm Andrew a member of the church and give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  When I asked him how it felt, he said, "It felt heavy.  There were a lot of hands on my head."

 We served chicken salad, pimento cheese, croissants, sandwich rolls, pretzels, chocolate covered popcorn, grapes, carrots, hummus, and MMs.  And CAKE.  Oh, the cake.  It was probably the very best cake I ever ate.  There were no crumbs left.  And it was beautiful!  (A friend made it for us). 

MY Baptism .

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am going to tell you about my baptism. One day on December 22 ,2012, I had a baptism (which is my birthday )  . First I got there and took pictures. Then the guest started to arrive. So I sat in the front row (because It was my baptism day). Then My  nana and papa sat behind me.  My grandma and grandpa were there too but I don't know their seating.  The Thornton's sat on the right side second row. And Yates sat in the very back (well not in the very back ,just close to it).  My great grandmother was there, too.  And lots of aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.  My cousin (Alex) came. Then we sang baptism. Grandma led the music. Then my cousin masen said the prayer. After  that my nana said a talk about proper authority that If you are LDS before you are 8 you really should be baptized. so she showed me a penny and said" You see this penny "and so I answered" yes "  and she said " what do you and this penny have in common " and so I thank hard Intel I found It " we have the same birthday  2004. Then nana said " correct " and she dropped It in the water and It didn't  get clean That's like not being baptized with authority. then she dropped it into another cup of and it sort of got clean ( because that's how clean it could get.) She said That's like being baptized with authority. Then she said " you can keep the penny ".Then I was about to be baptized. Then me and my dad went to the baptismal font. Then people were watching me so then my dad said a special prayer and then baptized me. The water was warm ,but when I got out I was freezing. There might have been a warm feeling inside me but I couldn't feel it because I was so cold but I was very happy .

Then we changed and dried off. When we got back in people were finishing their congratulations card's. Then my mom gave a talk on the holy ghost she said that the holy ghost can #1 warn you of danger Like one time Ryan was stuck in a car and the holy ghost told daddy, so then Ryan was safe #2 The holy ghost can give you ideas. For example, One day me and my friend had a fight and I didn't know how to be friends and that night the holy ghost gave me an idea to write a letter so I did and we became friends again. 

Then all boy family members came and brother Westbrook came too. Then daddy said a special prayer and then I had the gift of the holy ghost. then we sang family's can be together forever. and while we sang my aunt Rachel played   the violin and Aunt Emily Swanson played the piano. then sister duke ( the primary president ) then bishop green ( the bishop ) talked. then we sang Away in a manger .(PS. I played the piano then my little sister Molly said the prayer and the funny part was that she said "please bless mommy to be good." Then we ate


PS. I did lots of other stuff like play in the gym,  and play but that wasn't part of my BAPTISM.

now I have some questions

#1 how old do you have to be baptized? If you said 8 you are correct #2 can family's be together forever? If you said yes you are correct #3 What are two ways the holy ghost can help you ? If you said warn you of danger and give you ideas you are correct. #4 is a violin a wind instrument reed instrument or a brass instrument ? If you said one of them you are wrong it is a string  instrument. 

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