Sunday, December 9, 2012

Andrew's Ninja Party-Part 2

Chopping Boards

When we dried off and returned to the Do-jo, it was time to karate chop some boards! 

Sensai Lion decided to try and break the board with his head.  The little ninjas thought this was hilarious!

Nun Chucks and Bamboo Stick Versus the Dragon Pinata

We armed the ninjas with foam nunchucks Chad made for the kids and let them attack the pinata.  When that didn't bust it open, they each got a wack with a bamboo stick.  It was one tough pinata.  Everyone got a turn to hit it, then we handed Andrew the bamboo stick and let him finish the dragon off.

Alanah said that the dragon "Fought Back!"  She is showing her battle wounds.

Ninja Food
After all of that fun, our ninjas were hungry!


After eating, we sent everyone home with their own sets of nunchucks, an inflatable sword, gold coins, a mini ninja, and their headbands.  They each got to attack the punching bag on the way out the door. 

We had such a fun time preparing for and throwing this party for Andrew.  He has such nice friends.  I admit I was a little nervous about throwing a party for 12 kids that included swimming, nunchucks, bamboo polls, ninja stars, and karate chopping boards.  We didn't have any issues.  Everyone was PERFECT.  They were respectful, kind, took turns, and followed directions.  I am so grateful that Andrew has done such a good job choosing friends.  Thank you to all the grown-ups who stayed and helped, too!  Couldn't have done it without you!

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Wendy said...

You are super mom. What an awesome party! I'll have to try some of those pool games in the summer--what fun!