Sunday, December 9, 2012

Andrew's Ninja Party Part 1

Andrew decided to host a Ninja Training Party for his 8th birthday party.  We held it at the local YMCA.  There were some great bonuses to having it there, but it made decorating a little tricky. 
So here is his party, in way too many pics. I have divided it up in a couple of posts. You will feel like you were there when you are finished. 
First the set-up.
The kids all helped make the decorations this year, which was really fun. 

The Gathering Activity
The children were each given a ninja headband with the names written on it when they arrived. 

Then they all decorated their own ninja throwing stars. 

When they were finished, they enjoyed target practice!

Once everyone had arrived, it was time for our warm-up exercises with Sensai Lion (a name chosen by the birthday boy for his dad).

The Ninja Pool Training
After all of the children changed clothes and took the swim test, we were ready for ninja water training exercises.  Because a Ninja has to be stealth on land or on sea, right?
Secret Message Decoding Game 
We threw sponges with letters written on them into the pool.  The ninjas in training swam to retrieve the letters, then worked together to unscramble the message.



We gave each of the ninjas a ninja rubber duck.  Their mission was to karate chop the water behind their ducks to get the ducks to move across the length of the pool WITHOUT touching the duck!  It was very fun to watch!

Ping Pong Ball Race

In our last race, we challenged the children to see if they could collect 36 ping pong balls in less than two minutes, carrying back only one ball at a time. 

Ninja Moves

After the games, the Ninjas practiced their mad kicks off of the diving blocks and enjoyed free swimming together.

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