Thursday, January 31, 2013

Peter and Ry-Guy the Wolf

Ryan's school does an awesome performance of Peter and the Wolf each year with the kindergartners, professional musicians,and dancers from the NC School of the Arts.

The children choose a character they would like to portray.  Ryan loves wolves, so naturally he chose to be the wolf.

 He was a little disappointed when he discovered the wolf was going to be BAD!  When the Wolf lead dancer would do her mean claw swipes, Ryan wouldn't do them, because those were not nice, and he wanted to be a nice wolf.

Ryan was very excited about the play, until the morning of dress rehearsal.  Then it was a repeat of the first day of school.  His tummy hurt, he didn't want to go to school, he was scared.

But he went to school, did not throw up and had a lot of fun.  On the day of the actual performance, there was no mention of being nervous or staying home from school.

My friend and I were in charge of the little cast party in the room afterwards.  We had a little bit too much fun.  We made these little wolf lollipops and another mom design these cute water bottle labels.  I was up late the night before sticking on all those cute labels and waiting for chocolate to harden, but it was fun.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

Andrew (and his Dad) entered their first Pinewood Derby this year.  He and Chad worked hard on their car.  Andrew named it Wolf Claw.  I tried to encourage them to research all the speed tips they could find and even suggested that perhaps they buy one of the plans on line that are available.   I admit I didn't have a lot of  knowledge myself and was worried Chad might not remember a lot from 34 years ago.

Chad was a better parent than me and wanted this to be Andrew's car.  Andrew designed what he wanted to car to look like.  He drew sketches and Chad cut out the car.  Andrew sanded the car (and then Chad sanded some more).  Chad taught Andrew how to build a stand for the car and they spray painted it.

Chad and I wanted Andrew's car to be good enough to not lose every single race, but not so good that he won a trophy and we had to go to the all day long regional event.  (Again, yes I know, I am terrible. Hoping my kid won 4th).

His car turned out great!  He loved it!  He was proud of it.  (I still wasn't sure it would be very fast, because it didn't look like any of the winning designs I saw online).

We arrived for check-in, and Ryan and Molly decorated these signs.  Our cousin, Alex was also there with his first derby car!

It was fun to watch the cousins cheer together.

Both Andrew and Alex did really well.  But unfortunately, Chad and I did not get our wish.

Andrew and Wolf Claw won THIRD PLACE!

And he and Chad are headed to an all day long regional derby in March.   I am very proud of them for their hard work!  Go Team Scribner!  :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Newest Cub Scout

 Andrew started Cub Scouts tonight.  He was very excited.  When he came downstairs in his uniform, Molly said, "You look handsome, Andrew."  

 It was the Wolves turn to do the flag ceremony tonight.  Andrew volunteered to lead the flag ceremony.  (Yes, on his first night).  I told him later I was proud of him.  He said, "Mom, it was no big deal, there was a piece of paper up there with what to say."

Not only was Andrew new tonight, his cousin Alex joined him, and two other new boys, too.  AND the Wolf Leaders were also there for the very first time!  Very exciting.  They went from 3 Wolves to 7 in one night!

 His new Wolf Den leaders are very fun.  She was even willing to howl with the boys in our last picture! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Molly's Christmas Dress and Coat

Yes, I know it is silly to do an entire post on a coat and dress, but so many of these pics turned out so cute, I wanted to share. 

Christmas Day 2012