Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

I love spending Christmas Eve at my parents' house.  We have so many fun and wonderful traditions, some new and some from when I was a little girl. It is always an evening filled with laughter, the Spirit of Christmas, and togetherness. 
We started our fun evening making sugar cookies.  I was running short on time and took a short cut by buying premade sugar cookie dough in a container. We rolled out the dough and cut out our shapes.

However, when we took them out of the oven, they did not look quite the same as they did when we put them in the oven. Notice that our ninja turned into a Summo wrestler. 

 So we decided to try an experiment for the second batch.  We chose to roll out the dough in a thin sheet and to bake the entire sheet! 

Then we cut out the shapes from the warm pre-cooked dough.

Although not perfect, it was much better than the first batch.  We learned that Molly is a very meticulous "froster."   She covered every inch of her cookies in a neat, even layer.  
We put the cookies out for Santa.
We ate a big Christmas Eve feast and then began our annual Christmas Eve Nativity Pageant.
Ryan and Rachel were Mary and Joseph.  Ryan had never been Jospeh before, and REALLY wanted to be him this year. 

Chad chose to play our camel and the donkey.  Andrew was a wiseman.  (He really wanted to be Joseph, but decided that it would be okay, if he could be smart and rich with a box full of gold).

Danielle was the angel.

Molly was a sheep.

Papa was a shepherd.

Nana was the narrator.

Each year, after the nativity play, we read the book The Littlest Angel.


We also sang Christmas carols together.  Andrew played the keyboard and Rachel played her violin this year.   
Then we opened lots of wonderful presents together.  The week before Christmas, our silly Ryan jokingly told Nana he wanted toilet paper for Christmas.  She obliged. 
We all received many wonderful presents from the Kruegers. 
Even Emily sent us neat bracelets and candy from Guatemala.

It was a wonderful night spent together, filled with food, laughter, and sweet memories in the making.

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