Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Newest Cub Scout

 Andrew started Cub Scouts tonight.  He was very excited.  When he came downstairs in his uniform, Molly said, "You look handsome, Andrew."  

 It was the Wolves turn to do the flag ceremony tonight.  Andrew volunteered to lead the flag ceremony.  (Yes, on his first night).  I told him later I was proud of him.  He said, "Mom, it was no big deal, there was a piece of paper up there with what to say."

Not only was Andrew new tonight, his cousin Alex joined him, and two other new boys, too.  AND the Wolf Leaders were also there for the very first time!  Very exciting.  They went from 3 Wolves to 7 in one night!

 His new Wolf Den leaders are very fun.  She was even willing to howl with the boys in our last picture! 


Rose Krueger said...

I am so excited for him in this new adventure. Was just thinnking today that we need to go camping!

sugarfig said...

minibtainew den leader sez help about the 3 t0 7 in one nite