Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines' Day Celebrations

 As I have stated on this blog many times, I LOVE Valentines' Day!  I love having family traditions to share with my children, that we all look forward to each year.

Of course we decorated the outside of our house with hearts!

We decorated Valentine Candy houses together for our Family Home Evening activity.

Molly and I hosted a PINKALICIOUS Mommy and Me Valentine Party at our house this week.  They made these adorable play dough cupcakes.

Molly made Valentines for her friends and attached them to bubbles.

Ryan designed his own cards to give to his friends.  We punched holes and threaded glow sticks through the bamboo sticks.

Andrew decided to share store bought Ninjago cards this year.

 We ate Heart Shaped Waffles and strawberries for our Valentine Breakfast.  I also served milk with heart ice cubes.

Molly and I went to school and shared a healthy snack with Ryan's kindergarten class.  Ryan loves when we come to school!

 After school, the boys had a great time opening their cards from their friends.

We had flank steak and salad by candlelight for dinner.  Then enjoyed a fun dance party together.  Nana and Papa came by and shared Valentine cards Aunt Emmy had sent from Guatemala.  We ended the evening with fondue and our annual heart stacking contest.   Daddy was the winner this year with 24 hearts!  (But Andrew was an awfully close second).

For some reason, when we were finished with the fondue, the children decided that it would be funny to ask Daddy to put chocolate on their faces.   We ended the evening with lots of giggles and chocolaty kisses! And another Valentines' Day filled with happy memories.

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Christy said...

I should comment more on your blog. I always read it. Just got caught up on everything since the Pinewood Derby. What an amazing job he did on that car! Just wanted to tell you I think you're amazing and your kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Your pictures are fantastic, too!