Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disney Countdown Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast

This week we chose to watch Beauty and the Beast as part of our countdown to Disney.  We had our own fancy royal dinner.  The children chose their own royal costumes for the evening.  The boys decided they needed to make their own crowns.  Molly has two Belle dresses.  A winter Belle dress and a ballroom Belle dress (that is way too little for her now).  She switched back and forth between the two.

We made stained glass eggs for our pre-dinner activity.

Our dinner menu consisted of items from the song "Be Our Guest."  We had "Soup du Jour", "Hot Hors d’oeuvres" "Bread," "Sparkling Cider," and "Pie and Pudding" (but not flambe!) I wanted to have some "gray stuff," but couldn't figure out what might be delicious and gray.  We ate by candlelight and had fun making toasts.  

My favorite part of the night happened when we were watching the movie.  The scene where Belle and the Beast dance came on the screen.  Andrew went unprompted to Molly and asked her to dance with him.  He twirled her around and successfully dipped her.  Ryan asked me to dance.  He tried to dip me, but I was just a bit too tall......... and heavy.  It was very sweet, though.

Now to figure out which movie to do next week!  There are just too many wonderful ones to choose from!

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