Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Leprechauns Day!

Before going to bed Saturday night, Andrew made a leprechaun trap.  Then slept right next to it to try and watch out for those sneaky little elves.  He said he was going to pretend to be asleep, and stay awake all night long.  Luckily for those leprechauns, Andrew really fell asleep in less than 10 minutes.  Well, those leprechauns came and turned all of our toilet water green, painted the kiddos' faces with green polka dots , and left gold candy on their pillows and in the traps instead of gold money!  They also left a very cleverly written poem with the candy.

The children thought their green faces were hysterical, but the boys' washed their faces off before I could snap a picture.  Molly loved her dots though and would have worn them all day!

We had our once a year treat of Lucky Charms with green milk and they were magically delicious!

After church, we headed to see Nanie Too-Too, to celebrate Leprechauns Day (as Molly calls it).

Nanie is not feeling well enough to cook, so I brought our lunch with us for our little elves.  (My Aunt Annie brought lunch for Nanie). I served mini St. Patty cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, green beans, and a rainbow fruit salad, with green juice boxes.

While trying to boil water for the mac and cheese,  I turned on the wrong burner and caught her stove on fire.  That was pretty terrifying and stressful.  Not to mention very embarrassing. There were baskets and dish towels on top of the burner cover as well.  I felt so worried that I caused her undue stress.  I am sure she wishes we had just stayed home.

Molly helped herself to some of Too-Too's candy as an appetizer and then again as dessert.  My Nanie has dozens of beautiful crystal candy dishes all over her house.  I love that my children are sneaking candy out of the very same dishes my cousins and I did when we were little!

Since I am not currently posting on my Mommy and Me blog, here are a couple of pics of our art projects from this week.

Ryan helped me make this rainbow rice for his class at school.

Molly made this pretty and yummy rainbow necklace.

And fingerpainted a yellow and blue makes green shamrock!

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