Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ward Pinewood Derby: A Tale of Two Cars

When it was time for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, Andrew and Chad spent weeks, days, hours, planning, sanding, painting, and decal-ing their car.   It was a work of art, a labor of love.

When the ward pinewood derby and chili cook off were announced, Chad had big dreams of making a new, better, family car to enter into the race.  But alas, other time consuming projects like going to work, folding laundry, dish washing, ninja project movie making, baseball  practices, and single handedly parenting three young children as the husband of an (far to often) absentee wife took precedence.  

So despite his big dreams, Chad found himself an hour before we needed to leave for the ward pinewood derby, without a new family car to enter in the race.  While his loving absentee wife thought that perhaps  the car we already had spent hours, days, and weeks on might suffice, and even suggested skipping the event altogether, Chad was determined to make his and his boys' dream of a new car a reality.  He pulled out his tools and cut an aerodynamic shape.  He sanded a bit, slapped on some wheels, and we headed out the door!  All in under an hour.

What he did not have time for was to paint it or to add any weight.  So, when we weighed in, we were a tad (a lot) under weight.  But my creative husband was not deterred.  He taped some chuckei cheese tokens to the bottom, but still came up shy.  Next, he went to the church library, picked out a staple remover, and taped it to the hood of the car.  It did a good job bringing us close to our 5 ounces.

 His car was a sight to behold.  And despite it's incredible lack of aerodynamics, Chompmaster 5000 won 4 races!

I love my husband.  I love how ingenious he is.  I know our little boys will never forget his silliness or his willingness to make things fun and exciting for them! He really is the best dad in the whole wide world!

And for anyone wondering, we did also enter Andrew and Chad's Cub Scout car.  It tied for first place.

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