Sunday, March 3, 2013

We Are Going to Disney World!

  I am still not sure how to post videos on my blog, so hopefully Chad can get it up here soon.  It is pretty hilarious.

 We wanted a fun way to tell the kiddos we were going to Disney.  We bought each of the kiddos a suitcase and hid a note from Mickey Mouse inside, underneath a Mickey Mouse helium balloon.  We had the kids close their eyes, and then placed the suitcases in front of them.  We allowed them to open them at the same time.  They were SOOOOOOOOO excited to have suitcases and balloons.  Like giddy excited.   "Thank you Mommy for the balloon.  I love it!"  "Thank you mom and dad for the cool suitcases!"

 Then they read their notes about going to Disney World.  Then they were like, "that is pretty cool."  No where near the excitement the expressed over new suitcases and balloons! So we took some time to explain to them what Disney World was and showed them a couple of Disney World commercials.  Then they were ECSTATIC!  Screaming, singing, dancing, hugging each other, hugging us!  Of course this was after we had stopped recording their reactions.  Ryan yelled out "BEST DAY EVER!" like in the movie Tangled.  My favorite comment came from Ryan!  He said, "I can't wait to go through the portals like in the Disneyland game!"  Disney World has lots of awesome things, but I don't think they have actual portals.

For dinner, we celebrated by eating Hot Diggity Dogs and Mickey Mouse Cupcakes!

After dinner, we watched some more clips on Netflix about Disney World and played Disney charades together.

When it was time for bed, we headed upstairs to start our official countdown calendar!  Only 60 more days!

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