Monday, April 15, 2013

Disney Countdown Movie: Cinderella

Warning: This is not the most creative post about our Disney countdown.   I used all my creativity on Ryan's birthday party this week and had none left.  :)

As the mom at our house, most days I feel a lot like Cinderella must feel in this picture.  Our house and van looked like it had been neglected for weeks (which it had),  so we put the kiddos to work as our "fun" pre-movie night activities this Saturday.   We worked together as a family to clean the inside of the house, then headed outside to get our "Coach/Van" ready for our trip.  Molly took her role as Cinderella very seriously and scrubbed harder than anyone else.  And did it happily.  

While cleaning out the van, we found a bottle of bubbles from a birthday party Molly had been to that day.  In Cinderella, there is a great scene with bubbles, so we took a break to blow bubbles.  I love how my "very serious and grown-up eight year old" giggled and chased bubbles.  

We ate very simple and yummy strawberry mice as our treat.  

Then the children ran upstairs to dress for our movie night.  Here is Molly in her slippers and dress.  Ryan dressed up as a Prince.  Andrew, who was too mature to buy into the whole "it will be fun to clean and pretend we are Cinderella and the mice" charade, said he didn't want to watch Cinderella or clean the house and would not dress up (But he did help clean, chase bubbles, and then he laughed the loudest throughout the movie at the cat and mouse chase scenes and danced with Molly and fetched her slipper when she "lost" it). 

Molly is still pulling this fantastic smile when I ask her to pose for the camera.  Maybe she will get it all out of her before Disney World.  Or not, and that would be okay.  I can't help but laugh out loud every time I look at this pic! 

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Mary said...

Hmm, Cleaning the house and bubbles reminds me of Snow White, also. Looking forward to one week from now.