Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Molly's Pink Ballerina Tiger 4th Birthday Party

Molly had insisted for months that she wanted an Ariel birthday party.  Then in February, she saw a pink and white Valentine's tiger in a store.  Then her visions of an Under the Sea Fiesta flew out the window and she insisted that a pink and white tiger ballerina birthday party was all she had ever wanted.  It really was a fun party theme to plan.  But there weren't too many ideas out there on pinterest for this specific theme.  I made this tutu with tiger striped tulle for her to wear and ordered the shirt for her party.  Of course we had to have tiger ears and a tail as well.   We left for Disney World the day after her party.  I wanted to keep things very small and simple.  I only let her choose 4 little friends.

I also made these little tutus for her four little guests.  I attached tiger tails and added tiger ears as well.

When our little guests arrived, they put on their tutus and ears.  Then we made bracelets to wear.   I taped down one side of the plastic string so that the four year olds could make the bracelets with little help.

Andrew and Ryan were awesome helpers at the party.  Molly has the best big brothers!

After all of our friends finished their bracelets, we headed downstairs to Molly's pink jungle.

I read the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea to the little pink tigers.

Next we played pin the tail on the tiger.  Molly colored the tiger.

Molly and her friends played musical tiger paw prints next.  We took away one tiger paw print at a time until all of the little tigers were sharing the same paw print.

The little tigers played the Hokey Pokey, Simon Says, and Freeze Dance.  Again Andrew and Ryan were super helpers and danced with the little tiger ballerinas.

When our tiger ballerinas were finished dancing, we headed outside to play with the pull string pinata.  I had filled it with lollipops, bubbles, and pink tiger striped lip gloss.

The little tiger ballerinas enjoyed blowing bubbles outside.

We headed inside for pink tiger treats and birthday cake when we were finished blowing bubbles.

Molly opened her presents and then gave each of her guests her own pink tiger friends to bring home.

When Molly had said good-bye to her guests, Molly enjoyed riding her birthday present...a pink horsey bike.

She doesn't quite have the pedaling part down yet, but her big brother helped her out.

Happy 4th Birthday Molly!  I loved throwing your pink tiger ballerina birthday party!

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