Friday, April 12, 2013

Ryan's Safari Party

Ryan chose to have a Jungle Safari Birthday party and helped plan most of it with me.    Ryan loves "details and decorations" even more than I do.   He looked on Pinterest with me for weeks looking for games, food, and decorations.   He had lots of great original ideas, too.  He is a very creative little guy.  It was fun to plan with him. 

Ryan is not fond of big crowds, so he chose to invite just 6 friends from church to his party at our home.  He chose to celebrate with his 20 friends at school by bringing in strawberry muffins and water bottles wrapped with fun animal print snap bracelets.    The bracelets were a big hit. 

We held Ryan's birthday party at our home on his birthday after school.  

When each  guest arrived, Ryan greeted them at the door and gave them an explorer's hat, and asked them to sign his new book.  It is our family tradition to give a book with the same theme as the party to our child and have all of the guests sign it.

We started off the party by painting wooden snakes.  Ryan saw these at the craft store and insisted his party needed these! 

 While our snakes dried, we headed off on an Animal Rescue in our backyard.  I had taken pictures of dozens of our jungle toys and made a chart.  

Before the party,  I hid the toys in our back yard. 

 The children would locate one animal at a time, place it in our "cage", place a sticker on our chart next to the picture of the found animal, and then search for more animals. 

They were great trackers, only missing one of our animal friends, the ever elusive tree frog. 

 Our next game was Swinging Vines (aka Green Silly String).   Each child was given an entire bottle to empty out.  It was a quick, but fun activity.

Giraffes Love Doughnuts was a big hit.  The children pretended to be giraffes and stretched their necks to eat a doughnut off a string. 

Our last outside game was a bird pinata Ryan had picked out.  Each of the children got multiple turns to hit the pinata with a bamboo stick.  It was a tough bird.  But in the end, the birthday boy was actually the one who knocked it open!  

After the pinata, we headed inside down to our basement.  At Ryan's request, we had created a jungle in our basement.

We played pin the tail on the tiger.  Ryan colored the tiger, and we used ribbon for the tails. We played the song "Eye of the Tiger" while the children took turns.

Ryan thought that playing his African djembe would be the perfect thing to do at his jungle party.  So we played the song "George of the Jungle" in the background and played "Pass the Explorer Hat."  It is a game similar to musical chairs.  When the music stopped, if you were wearing the hat, you got to play the drums while the hat was passed around.  The children loved this game.  

Ryan also felt like his Safari Party would be incomplete without a disco ball.  So we ended the party by turning off the lights, turning up the jungle jams, and lighting up a disco ball.  We danced and laughed and even formed a conga line. You can't really see us very well, but we had fun!

After dancing, it was time for our cake and treats!

Each guest was given their pinata candy, painted snake, and a lantern to take home as a thank you gift.  Ryan has very sweet friends, and I enjoyed celebrating with them! 

Happy Birthday to my fabulous party planner!  I love you, Ry-guy! 

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Amanda said...

I have been looking for weeks for cute game ideas for my daughters safari themed 6th birthday party, SO happy I stumbled upon your page! So many good ideas that I am going to use! Thanks for sharing!!