Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

With our big Disney Trip coming up, we stayed close to home for Spring Break and tried to spend as little money as possible.  But that does not mean we did not have a fun week.   I didn't take a lot of pictures, though.  I was trying really hard to be in the moment with the kid's while I had them home with me.

On Monday, we had a Park Hopping Day.  We packed lunches and snacks and tried to hit as many parks as we could in one day.

  We came home for naps and had Kung Fu class, so we only made it to 5 parks, but we were all worn out by the end of the day.  We had a picnic dinner and baseball game at the park with Daddy for Family Home Evening.

On Tuesday, we stayed home and tried to play all of the board games in our house.  We also had a great time doing science experiments.  Molly had a friend over to play.

On Wednesday, we headed to the Natural Science Museum in Greensboro with Nana and Papa.  We ended our outing with a Chick-fil-A lunch at Nanie TuTu's house!

Thursday the kids got to play at Nana and Papa's home all day the sleet and snow!! Yes, it snowed in NC in April.  Crazy.

Friday was the kid's choice. Guess what they chose?  Movies and video games. All. Day. Long.

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