Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney World Day 1: Downtown Disney

****Our trip is too big and too full of magical memories to share in just one post, so I decided to break it down into several posts that no one else will care about but us.  However it will help me later when I am trying to print it into our family book.

We arrived at Disney World on Monday afternoon.  I had ordered groceries that were delivered to our hotel and we had also brought lots of nonperishables and frozen meals I had made ahead of time.  We only ate out  one breakfast and one dinner the entire week.

After unpacking we headed to Downtown Disney.  On a boat!  What a fun way to start our vacation!

We headed straight to the Lego store.  The kids had worked for 8 weeks to earn money to spend at Disney and the boys knew where they planned to spend it.  We convinced them to wait until our last day there to actually spend their money.  Instead, they had a great time building and racing lego cars.

 We ate sandwiches at a little shop and had made reservations for dessert at the Rain Forest Cafe.  The boys loved it!  Molly, however, was terrified.  The animated animals, the lightening, the thunder, it was all too much for her.  She perked up a little when dessert came, though.

After dessert, we headed back on the boat to the hotel.

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