Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney World Day 2: The Magic Kingdom

In the balance of trying to be "in the moment" and trying to document the moment, the "BEING" won out the first day.  We have very few pics of our first day at Disney World, and really none of Chad, but we had a fabulous time!

Here we are, waiting for the gates to open!

After the first picture, Molly decided she DID want to wear her Princess dress, because she saw all the other little girls skipping about in theirs.  She changed into her Rapunzel dress and she blew bubbles while we waited for the gates to open. She was called Princess all day...and loved it!

We were there when the train came with Mickey Mouse and friends to open the Magic Kingdom.  I must admit that I teared up a little.  It really was magical.

Then we walked in and saw this.  And I really did cry, I was so excited and happy to be there with my kids!

We used a great program that my cousins and told me about called Ridemax.  You just plugged in the rides and attractions you wanted to visit, and it scheduled out your whole day to maximize your time.  I loved it!  We had very little wait time for anything we did.

We rode Barnstormer first, and then they let us stay on and ride it again.  Molly cried the first time and laughed the second.  They boys loved it!  We rode Dumbo, too.   It was definitely more Molly's speed, but the boys liked it, too.

I don't have pictures of Andrew on Space Mountain, but he loved it!  And thanks to our swap passes, I got to ride it with him, too.  Swap passes are the best!  Space Mountain was Andrew's favorite ride of the day. Molly and Ryan were not quite tall enough, so we went on the People Mover while everyone else tackled Space Mountain.  It goes through the Space Mountain ride and Ryan said he was very glad he was too short for that ride, because he did not like the dark!

I do not have any pictures of the Buzz Lightyear ride, but it was a favorite of everyone.  Molly did not want to ride it at first and cried and screamed that she was scared, but once she was on the ride she begged to do it over and over again.  It was Ryan's favorite ride of the day.  Chad and Molly got a high score and they got a button.  They gave buttons to the boys, too.  (Though their scores were only a sixth of Chad's and Molly's score).

After the thrill rides, we slowed things back down again for It's a Small World and the Peter Pan Ride.  We also got to see the 3-D Fantasia Show.  Ryan said it was his favorite out of every thing we did the first day.  He laughed the entire time.

Cinderella's horsies was Molly's favorite of the day.

One of the newest features at Fantasyland is the Tales with Belle attraction.  It was my favorite thing of the day.  It is amazing.  It was our longest wait of the day, so we ate lunch in line.  When you enter the castle they ask for volunteers to help act out the story of the day Belle and Beast fall in love.  Andrew was chosen to be the Beast.  He was awesome!  He stayed in character the entire time.  At the end, when Belle asked him his name, he did not know what to reply because he said he did not know the Beast's real name.  :)  Molly got to be one of the plates.  They gave all of the kids a chance to participate in some way, but Ryan chose not to go up.  He was much more comfortable as part of the audience.  We video taped it, so I hopefully can get it up someday.

After all of the rides and shows, we were exhausted.  We posed for a couple of pics and then we headed back to the resort for naps, pool time, and dinner.

Well-rested, we returned for the parade and fireworks.  And ice cream.  The crowds were overwhelming, but seeing Ryan's excitement for the fireworks made the crowds well worth fighting.  He loves fireworks as much as I do.  He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I love you Mommy.  Thank you for taking me to Disney World."  It was a magical way to end our magical day.

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Jessica Thurber said...

oh Danielle! What a special trip! We are looking forward next year!