Thursday, May 2, 2013

Disney World Day 4: Animal Kingdom

 In case you didn't get the idea from Ryan's Safari party or Molly's Pink Tiger party, or Andrew's going on three year long obsession with birds, the kids in our family like animals.  A. LOT.  Which is funny to anyone who knows their parents.  However, curiously, they aren't big zoo fans. Nonetheless, our kiddos were very excited to go to the Animal Kingdom.   Grandma felt well enough to come join us, despite being sick the day before.  We were so glad she felt better.

Andrew headed first thing to Expedition Everest with Dad and Grandpa.  Molly and Ryan and Grandma and I headed to Triceratops Spin.

Next we headed for the Rapids Ride.  We didn't want to take our camera on board, but Chad managed to get a couple of shots with his cell phone, through a plastic bag.  The kids loved it!  (Don't let Ryan's preride jitters face fool you).   And, since there was no line, we got to ride it two times in a row.  Molly was even tall enough to ride and felt very grown up!

After getting soaked, we walked around and visited some of the animals.  They were most excited to see the tiger and gorilla.

And of course, the aviaries were exciting to my bird enthusiasts.

We went next to the Flights of Wonder show.   We all enjoyed it!

I love this look of shock that we caught on Andrew's face during one of the bird's stunts.

Then the ornithologist running the show asked for a volunteer from the audience who was good at math.  Andrew's hand shot up into the air and he was chosen to go up on stage!  To have a math competition with a bird.  It was a magical Disney moment.

The host asked them both a math question, and had a contest to see who could answer first.

Andrew was more than a little bit surprised that the bird kept beating him.

Until the secret was revealed that the bird always answered four to a math question clue, and answered before the question was finished being asked.  Then they asked a question whose answer was not four.  And Andrew beat the bird on that one.  Thank goodness. LOL

It was an awesome moment that I will never forget.

Another fun and magical moment occurred at the Lion King Musical we went to next.   We were trying to figure out where to sit, and one of the hostesses, came over and invited us to sit up front in the reserved seats!   Then when the show began, one of the actresses chose to bring Chad up on the stage, introduced him to the crowd and asked him to lead our whole section in a wart hog call.  He was pretty much amazing.

 During the show, this awesome flame dancer impressed my sons.  Andrew leaned over and asked me if he could please take lessons to learn how to twirl fire.  This is the same boy who 5 minutes before the show started was sulking about having to go to some inside show and sit and be bored.

 And if our morning had not already been amazing, one of the dancers came and pulled Andrew onto the floor to join the Festival of Life parade!

We left the show and headed on safari.

We saw lots of awesome animals up close and personal.  My favorite was this elephant that we caught eating leaves from a tree.

Next the males over 46 inches tall visited the Dinosaur Roller Coaster.  That was the only one we went on the whole trip that Andrew declined to go on twice.

We ended our trip with the Finding Nemo show.  It was beautiful.  Although I am pretty sure all four adults were tired enough that we fell asleep for at least part of it.

We then called it a day, and like the previous day at Disney, we headed home for naps, swimming, and dinner.

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