Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney World Day 5: Hollywood Studios

When we watched the Disney Vacation DVD, Ryan saw lots of families in matching t-shirts.  He decided our family needed to have a set, too.  Then he saw pictures of my cousin's family in tie dye t-shirts, and he decided that they were a must have for our family, too!  With two birthday parties and packing before we left, I could not manage real tie dye, so we spray painted ours.  He was thrilled with the results.  And I am grateful he loved them.

With two Star Wars obsessed boys, I knew that I wanted to make sure our sons got to participate in the Jedi Training Academy.  We made reservations for breakfast, just so that we could be inside the gate before opening and race to the sign up building before all the slots were gone.  And our plan worked!  Andrew and Ryan were the very first in line!!!

Here is their Jedi Master.

Ryan was very serious training for the big battle.

 Darth Vader appeared on stage.

And each Padawan got a chance to duel him.

Andrew was feeling victorious afterwards.

As a group, they created a force shield and defeated the Dark Side.

I have a video of the whole experience, but still need Chad to help me load videos up.  I will send out a message when we get it loaded.

The boys were a little disappointed in the experience.  They expected it to be a little more exciting.  I thought it was awesome!

We were pretty bad the rest of the day at taking pictures.  Okay, really bad!  We rode Star Tours 4 times, went to the Muppet 3D show, and the Little Mermaid Show.

Then we stopped to enjoy lunch.  A little duck family wanted to share our lunch with us, which Andrew and Ryan thought was fabulous!  Then Molly decided she was very tired and wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep with her blankies.  Even the offer of going to see Doc McStuffins, her favorite, would not sway her plan.  So, I threw out my plan, and took her back to the hotel to sleep.   I am glad we let her nap, but sorry she didn't get to see the Playhouse Disney Show or ride anymore rides.

The guys all stayed at the park and watched the Indiana Jones Show and rode more rides, including the Tower of Terror.  Well, Ryan went through the line, then decided he would rather not ride at the last minute. Not that I blame him.  I wouldn't have ridden it either, if I had stayed at the park!

The guys came back and we headed to the pools and ate dinner.  Then we headed back to see the Fantasmic night time show.  I am so glad we did.  It was fabulous!

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