Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney World Day 6: Back to the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is way too big to do in one day with three little ones.  It really is too big to do in two days.  I wish we had been able to go there three times during our trip, but none of our feet would have endured it.  The kids all had their favorite rides in mind that they wanted to try again, and some new ones we had not made it to on Tuesday.  It was a Saturday and it was the busiest day we were there.  It made me so grateful that we had chosen to take the kids out of school and not visit during the summer.  (Can you believe that I, Danielle,  am the one saying that?)

I did an absolutely horrible time capturing memories on camera our last day, but I did a fabulous job being in the moment with my children.  For which I am truly grateful.  I am kind of sad though that there are no pictures of several of the really fun things we did, now that we are home.

We rode the Astro Orbiter for the first time and then rode Space Mountain again.  Next we raced over to Barnstormer.  This time, Molly gleefully skipped on.

Molly really wanted to ride Dumbo again, but the boys were not interested.  So they were the ones who waited for once.

Everyone was excited to ride Buzz Lightyear again, too.

I had read the children an abridged version of Tom Sawyer before our vacation.  They enjoyed exploring the Tom Sawyer Island, especially the fort with the cannons and rifles.

We headed to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain, next.  Grandma and Grandpa rode Splash Mountain, then headed out to do some shopping.  Molly was too short for both of those rides, so she and I rode on the train around the park.

Next we all rode the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.  Ryan bought himself this sword.

It was so crowded, we couldn't find anywhere to sit down and eat our lunches.  We settled down on a corner of a bridge, and as we were finishing, the Steam Boat came rolling by.  That was pretty neat.

We had used swap passes on the two mountain rides, so I took the boys back on them while Chad took Molly to this fun Laughin' Place playground.  When we arrived, this cute little girl walked right up to Molly and said, "Oh, Snow White, you are here to play with me!"  She took Molly's hand and lead her all around the play ground the entire time. There was also a little boy who fell down.  Molly walked over, scooped him up, and kissed him.   It was very sweet.

Chad then took Molly to ride the Carousel, her favorite thing the whole trip.

We ended our day at the park watching a show on the castle steps and eating Mickey Mouse Ice Cream.

Here is another picture of Molly in front of the castle.  Isn't she sweet?

And here is my very favorite picture from the entire vacation.  Here is her crazy smile she has been doing for us the past few weeks, only PERFECTED!  One eye closed, tongue out to the side, hands in the air, and see through dress.  All we said was, "Molly, give us your best fancy smile."  You are welcome.

Then we headed back to the hotel, exhausted after 5 straight days at the parks.  We ate dinner at the hotel and went swimming.

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