Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney World Day 6: Downtown Disney...With $$$

We gave the children an opportunity to earn their own money to spend at Disney.  They worked very hard the two months before our trip and earned quite a bit of spending money.  They also shrewdly negotiated an extra $5 each by choosing NOT to buy pizza on pizza day at school each month.  A lot of these jobs are normally part of their responsibility charts and they do not receive any payment for them.  But we shook things up a bit for the sake of the learning experience.

Each had chosen to spend some of their money during the week at the parks, but the bulk of their savings were still available for them to spend during a quick trip to Downtown Disney, after the Magic Kingdom on Saturday.

Molly debated back and forth between a Jasmine play set with little figurines and a tiger.  Then she spotted her leopard.  And there was no question what was going home to NC with us.

Ryan had chosen to buy a sword at the Magic Kingdom, but still had enough left over to build his own light saber and buy a Hero Factory toy from the Lego store.

Andrew has not chosen to willingly spend any of his own money in over two years.  He earned quite a bit of money, and then brought some of his savings with him to ensure he had enough money for what he really wanted....The Ninjago Temple of Light.  He also had enough leftover to buy a Chima set with his Disney money.

We ate dinner at the resort and let Molly take a nap.  She was exhausted (and maybe just a teeny bit, okay a lot cranky).   I am so glad we did not have to go out to eat with the children any this week.  They were so grouchy by dinner time.  It was nice to just hang out at the resort.  When Molly woke up, we went back to the pool for one last time.  Molly and Andrew loved the water slide.  Molly spent the entire time she was at the pool each time we went on the water slide.  Ryan did it once, and decided once was enough for him.

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