Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney World Day 7: Orlando Temple and Church

On Sunday, we took the children to walk around the grounds of the Orlando Temple, then we attended church at the LDS chapel across the street.  I love being able to visit other LDS congregations when we are on vacation, so that our children can see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same, no matter where we go.  

After church, we headed back to the resort to eat lunch and to spend the rest of the day together, enjoying quiet family time with Grandma and Grandpa in our condo.   It was nice to have some peaceful down time before we had to drive back on Monday morning.  And it was a good opportunity for us to teach our children that Sunday is the Sabbath Day, even when we are on vacation.

On Monday morning, we packed up the van and headed home.  It was hard to leave.  And hard to come back to the busyness of our reality.  I miss vacation.  I miss having my children and husband be my only responsibility.  We tell our kids, "Scribners pray hard, work hard and play hard."   We played hard.  So now it is time to work hard, again.  :)

***I know I have a lot of friends and family who read our blog who are not members of our faith.  Here is a link to a brief description about our belief about the Sabbath Day, in case you are interested.  Our family is not perfect at this, by any means.   But we do strive to follow these guidelines, to the best of our ability, and have received many wonderful blessings from the Lord when we keep Sunday a Holy Day.


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