Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grandmother Stone's 75th Birthday Party

My Grandmother Stone, my dad's mom, celebrated her 75th 29th birthday today.   My aunts threw her a lovely surprise birthday party.

All five of her children were able to attend the party.

Five of her siblings were also able to be there to celebrate.  As well as many of their children and members of her church family.

Several of her grandchildren came, but not all of us were able to make it.  Don't I have pretty (and handsome) cousins?

And of course our family was there with my dad.  We missed having my sister Shana and her family.

Andrew asked Grandpa Bud to play ball with him while we were there.

Ryan also had a fun time playing.

Molly just wanted to pretend she was a baby leopard.

Grandpa Bud had come in town Friday for Saturday's party, and took Molly and Ryan to Chuck E. Cheese as their birthday presents.  They had a great time!

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