Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I was blessed to spend Mother's Day with my lovely mother, my Nanie, and my darling children.  I am blessed with the best Mother on the face of the earth.  I am the luckiest daughter in the world. I have two amazing grandmothers and incredible aunts who love and have set Christlike examples for me my entire life. 
I am also grateful for my wonderful Mother in law and the wonderful son she raised.  I missed seeing her today and my other grandmother and aunts.  

My cousin took this picture of the four generations for me today.

I love this picture, even though or maybe especially because, I am still 40 pounds over weight and Molly is still doing her crazy face in all of our pictures. But here in this moment captured for my posterity, they will know that we were real people, with personalities who loved and laughed and that I let my daughter wear pink polka dotted rain boots with her dresses when it was sunny outside.  

Here is my mom, her mother, and two of her sisters, my Aunt Linda and Aunt Annie.  I admire and love each of these beautiful women in our strong Matriarchal family.  I come from a line of strong and courageous Southern women.   (I only wish I had inherited their cooking skills).

And here is a pic of just my beautiful 92 year old grandmother.  I hope I look this good when I am 70.

One of my favorite parts of the day was getting to skype with both of my sisters.

My children and hubby spoiled me rotten today.  Chad and the children surprised me with an iPad mini.

Molly gave me a sweet card she picked out at the store with a castle and princesses.  She gave hugs and kisses all day long.

Here are Ryan's gifts and cards to me that he made at school. He is quite the artist.  I love this daffodil picture!

This interview with Ryan was so sweet! I loved his answers! Andrew had just done a measurement project for school where he had to write down the entire family's height after measuring each of us.  And yes, cuddling is my favorite thing to do!  But please don't break Ryan's heart and tell him that Chad is actually my favorite cuddle buddy.

This is a portrait of me my little artist made at school.

And his sweet letter to me.
 "Mom, I like it when you cuddle me.  And took me to violin.  And take me to restaurants, and to get desserts.  And get me presents."

I am pretty sure Ryan's love languages are physical touch and gifts.  :)

Ryan also went up on the stand today and stood up tall and sang every word of the three songs looking and smiling at me the entire time.  This is a huge deal for my very shy little Ry-guy.  At Easter, he hid and looked at the floor the whole time.

Andrew made me a card with 4 parts....and left it at school.  Here is the one he recreated at home.

The first was a Mother Acrostic Poem.

Not sure how I feel about being called optional or ripe. But I will take the rest!  Especially energetic.  Oh how I wish that saying it would make it so!

6 reasons I love you.
(I said, "Andrew, it says 6 reasons on the title, but you wrote 7."  He answered, "Mom, that is the funny part!")

Top 3 places you have taken me
2-Sliding Rock
3-Myrtle Beach

Mothers by Andrew S.
Are a light in the darkness
A warmth in a frost
and a mask in the shadow.

Andrew painted a pot at school and planted a marigold.  He painted the Japanese symbols for light, night, frost, and shadow on the pot that correspond with the poem he wrote.  He did not want me to see the present before Mother's Day, so he hid it in his book bag.  The whole thing dumped out and he had to have a little help from his dad to re-pot it.  The little marigold blossom was a little worse for the wear. It was bent and drooping.  But the little blossom was still yellow and lovely on Sunday morning.

 My life is so full today, so happy.   10 years ago I yearned for and prayed for the life that is now mine.  I know it might be a bit dramatic to say so, but my heart overflowed with gratitude when I saw this droopy little marigold today.  I thought of the love and care my eight year old boy took to try and hide his gift from me, so that it would be a surprise.  I could not help but think of the black and dead and brittle marigold I received for Mother's Day 10 years ago. How sad and hopeless I felt that day, and how perfect my joy is today.  Today, three beautiful children went to the front of the church with their primary friends and sang Mother's Day songs to ME, smiling and waving at ME the whole time.  Three beautiful children made ME cards, gifts, and breakfast.  And most importantly, three beautiful children call me MOMMY.  The most beautiful sound in the world.  I am grateful for the amazing gift that is mine,  and pray that I never forget to thank Heavenly Father for the blessing of Motherhood.  I wish I could freeze time.  The moments are going by so quickly.  Childhood is so fleeting.  I am not ready for this season to slip away.  I promise to be grateful while it lasts, to enjoy each magical moment, and try hard to live each day so that when they are no longer little and bringing me marigolds, I have few regrets.

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Rose Krueger said...

I can think of no one who deserves the gift of Motherhood more than you and no one who is better at it!