Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Week 3

This was our busiest week yet.  Andrew had Cub Scout Camp every day from 8am to 4pm, so we went to the pool each evening instead.  And Ryan and Molly had lots of play dates!

Andrew attended Day Camp with his cousin, Alex.  They got to be "buddies" the whole week.  On the last day of camp, Andrew's leader came up to me and told me how much she had enjoyed having the cousins together this week, how well they got along, how kind they were to each other and to the other boys.  How well behaved they were.  Words every mom wants to hear.

At camp, Andrew got to participate in archery, shoot bb guns, make space derby rockets, get sprayed by a fire truck hose, go on nature hikes, and eat cookies and chips every day.  He loved camp!

His friend Corbin was at camp with him, too, but was in the Bears group, so they didn't get to see as much of each other as Andrew would have liked.

As I mentioned above, Ryan and Molly invited friends over to play this week, since we were home in the morning. On the first day of camp we had friends over for a fun painting and water table play date. I tried to make the sidewalk chalk paint I have seen floating around pinterest.  The colors were not very bright on our driveway...or our fence, but they still had fun.  A friend told me the trick to getting brighter colors was to use food coloring gel.

Each week we try to do something nice for someone else.  My children helped to make dinner, including a dessert and cards for friends who just had a new baby.

For another play date this week, we had friends over and we all made Jello Play dough together.  It smelled great!

Andrew's coach told Andrew that he thought he was ready to swim in his first meet this week.  Andrew was so excited and so confident! I love Andrew's confidence and positive attitude.  I hope he keeps it as long as possible.  There is so much in the world that causes our children to doubt themselves.  I don't think I was ever as confident in my abilities as he is in his abilities.  And it isn't in a cocky or braggy way, it is just very matter of fact.   (Which is great because he has a really braggy mom who thinks her kids are fabulous).

Andrew swam in two races.  His first was a freestyle relay.

 His relay team included his friend, Ian.

His second race was the 25 meter freestyle.  My cousin's children were swimming with the other team.  It was so fun to see them!  Her son was in the same heat with Andrew and several other boys.  (He beat Andrew by a mile)! :)

Andrew was a great sport about coming in last place in his race.  But really, it is hard not to be in a great mood when you have such awesome friends at the finish line cheering you on!

Since we are trying to include service in our activities all summer, it was great that this week was our family's turn to clean the church.  Andrew was sick, so I stayed home with him.  Chad took Molly and Ryan to go and clean.  Unfortunately, none of the other families who were supposed to be there were able to make it, but Chad and the little ones worked hard to be helpers. I am grateful for such a wonderful hubby who is willing to teach our children the joy of service.

I love this pic of Molly talking to her twin.  It would be wonderful to have two Mollys.  She is such a fun little girl!

Unfortunately, Andrew and I also missed out on Bucket List # 23, go to Cold Stone.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List Week 2

This week has been filled with fabulous summer fun.  Here are Summer Bucket List items # 8 through #16.

The most important thing we did this week was celebrate my baby sister's 21st birthday!  Isn't she beautiful! We went out to eat to Genghis Grille, a Mongolian Barbecue.  It was so yummy.  Afterwards we went back to my parents' house for cheesecake.

Molly started swim lessons this week at our pool.  She has fabulous teachers and two of her friends are in her class.  She was a little nervous about jumping off the diving board, but by the last day, she went off without holding the teacher's hand when she jumped.  My favorite part of her week of swim lessons was when Andrew got all of his friends to cheer for her as she tried to jump off the diving board.  He had 6 -10 kids chanting her name.  She loved it!  

I took the kiddos bowling one rainy afternoon this week.  It was so fun.  We used the bumpers, of course, and Molly used the cool ramp most of the time.  I love this first picture of Ryan tilting to the side, willing his ball to move to the left...a universal bowling technique.   (AMF is offering 2 free games for children every day all summer)!

We drove to Greensboro and went out to breakfast with Nanie Too-Too at IHOP.  Then we went back to her house afterwards and the kids helped water her plants.

For Andrew's birthday, in DECEMBER, I gave him this awesome Snap Circuits kit.  I knew he would love them.  Well, for 6 months I have been trying to get him to play with them, and he has outright refused, whined, said he didn't want to do them, that it sounded boring.  Ryan however really wanted to do them.  So he put it on our Summer Bucket List.  We pulled them out during quiet time at the beginning of the week.  And I was right!  Andrew did love them.  And so does Ryan.  And Molly.  And Chad.  We have played with them almost EVERY DAY this week!

We got to have a play date with our cousins from Pinehurst this weekend.  We met up in Greensboro at a park.  We visited a Veteran's Memorial, ate a picnic, and went on a nature hike together.

After the park, we headed to a place I have been wanting to take the kids for over two years, Artquest.  The museum is as fabulous as I thought it would be.  There are three rooms set up with art supplies that the children are free to use in anyway they choose.  There was a puppet theater and costumes which the children used to put on a play.  There were building blocks, weaving looms, clay, paint, fabric, and fort building supplies.    All 7 children, ages 1 to 9 found plenty to enjoy and had a great time.  We will definitely go back!    (I am in love with this first picture)!

We are a little late this year getting our garden planted, but we finally did this weekend.  We have three square foot gardens, one for each child.  We headed to the nursery and the children each chose flowers, fruits, and vegetables to plant in their box.  Taking care of their gardens will now be part of their morning responsibilities, too.  Right now they are very excited about their gardens.  We will see how long it takes until the novelty wears off.

To end our fun week, Chad had the kids help him wash the van....with the help of their water guns.

Of course we did all the normal stuff this week, too.  We went to the pool every day, did our "schedule," read lots of books, and  just had fun hanging out together.  I love summer!