Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Week of Summer Vacation 2013

We have had a wonderful start to our summer break!  As I was going through our pictures from the first week, I cannot believe that all of this is from one week!  We have created another bucket list for this summer and I am looking forward to checking off as many as I can with our kiddos.  I am also trying very hard to be "in the moment" more this summer.  To play more, to teach more, to cuddle more. To be present mentally as well as physically.

The kids and I all thrive on routine,  so I created a summer schedule for us.  It is a flexible schedule, but it helps to make sure we have a good balance of fun and rest and work.  It also helps keep away the "I'm Bored" complaints.  I made sure to schedule in "unscheduled" time to just play and goof off, too.  There are no set times, just an order.  And of course there will be days we throw the schedule out the window.  Because that is the most fun part of having a schedule!!!

The kiddos each have daily responsibilities.  They include instrument practice, school work, and reading, as well as a couple of daily household chores.

 All of these things, except the reading, are finished before 10am, which gives us the rest of the day.

They rotate helping with one meal each day.  It gives me some one on one time with them, and they all love to cook!

Number One on our Bucket List this summer was to join a pool and do swim team.  Well, neither of the boys actually made the swim team, but we did join the pool.  We plan on swimming at least 5 days a week.  We have even gone twice a day a couple of days this week, so that Daddy could swim with us, too!  We love the pool we joined.  The families are so nice.

We headed to Sciworks at the beginning of this week, before all of the other schools got out.  Nana came with us, too.  We had a great time!

The kids have also been really wanting to go to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet, so we did that with Nana after Sciworks.  Thanks, Nana!

We played outside one evening after scriptures and stories and caught the first star of the evening.

Then we caught some fireflies!

Molly asked if she could please kiss them goodnight before she went to bed.

On the Summer Bucket List, the kids had wanted to do weekly surprise service projects for friends.  This week we had a terrible storm come through our town.  Many of our neighbors lost trees.  One fell on our fence, but did no damage.  The kids had so much fun helping cut up our neighbor's tree and carry it to the road.  I was surprised at how hard they were willing to work.  Our neighbor was not home, so they were excited about "sneaking" to help cut up the tree.

The boys want to try out some fun science experiments they saw on Pinterest, so we tried this one Friday.

It really turned into the vomiting watermelon instead of an exploding one.  Molly kept pretending she was the doctor taking care of the poor watermelon.  Andrew had fun doing the experiment once.  Ryan and Molly continued until we were out of all the vinegar and baking soda in our home.

****This year for our Bucket List I am just going to number them in the order that we do them, not the order that they are on the actual list.  It is way simpler this way!!!

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