Monday, June 17, 2013

Gold Medal Day

Molly took a Dancenastics class this year.  It included 20 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap, and 20 minutes of gymnastics.  She had her dance recital a couple of weeks ago, but Saturday was her gymnastics demonstration.  They call it Gold Medal Day.  

She was very excited about performing.  We learned from the dance recital, that Molly REALLY likes to perform.  It took her a minute to spot us in the audience, but when she found us, she was very excited.  She even started blowing us kisses!

Chad got some great video, but here are a couple of still shots from her routine.

After the performance, each little girl was given a gold medal.  Molly liked it even more than she likes performing for an audience.  She wouldn't stop kissing her medal, and then got the little girl next to her to kiss her medal, too!

Molly's friend Emily took the class this year, too.  We tried to get a picture of them together.  At least one of them cooperated for one shot.  Yep, Molly is still pulling this awesome face for us, six months later.

Because she wouldn't let us get any pictures of her at the meet that did not include her tongue hanging out of her mouth, my mom very kindly bought the picture the professionals took.  (That is the first one in the post).

We went outside to the little carnival they had set up and Nana bought each of the kiddos tickets. Molly chose to go down the slide.

Ryan and Andrew chose to go see the birds.  They also offered face painting with the cost of admission to see the birds, but only Ryan chose to do that.   I am not sure why he looks so serious in these pictures.  He was excited about his face painting and the birds.

When we got home, Molly decided that she would cooperate and let Chad take some pictures of her and her medal.  And then of course, since actual money had been spent on the professional shot,  the ones we took at home turned out beautifully.  I am only posting a couple, but we seriously have like 15 of these that are wonderful and some of my favorite pictures of Molly ever.   Love this spunky little girl with all my heart!

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