Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

 My children have the best Daddy in the whole wide world!  I love watching Chad be a Dad.  I fall in love with him all over again every day when I watch his gentle tenderness with our children.  His goofy silliness.  His words of wisdom.  He never ever makes any of us feel that anything is more important to him than we are.  We are his top priority, 100% of the time.  I appreciate his example and am grateful for his love and devotion to us.

The kids and I had a fun time making him a special breakfast this morning, complete with a Magic Show.  We wanted Daddy to have a Magical Father's Day.

The kiddos also made Chad some pretty awesome cards! I love the things they love about their Daddy. I wish every little girl in the world could declare #9 on Molly's list.  I have no idea where she got this from, but I thought it was beautiful.

What I Love About My Daddy
By Molly Age 4

1-He plays with me.
2-He works at helping people.
3-He cooks me pie.
4-He watches grown up movies I am not supposed to Karate Kid.
5-He says “Why did the wolf cross the road?” and uses silly words.
6-He dresses up silly and has a cafe.
7-He goes swimming with me.
8- He fixes trees with me.
9-He not breaks my heart.  
10-He plays on the swings with me.
11-Doing my schoolwork with him.

10 reasons I love my dad
by Andrew Age 8

1 he loves me
2 he made me a train costume when I was two
3 he made me a movie of ninjas this year.
4 he took me to the movies
5 he  married in the temple so I could be born
6 he made it possible for me to have a brother and sister.
7 he showed me how to search the computers
8 he made and bought a  bicycle for me to ride
9 he showed me how to make a 3rd place and 1st place winner pine wood derby car
10 he lets us have a happy life.  

Things I love about Daddy
by Ryan Age 6

1-He cuddles with me.
2-He plays with me.
3-He takes me to fun places.
4-He took me fishing.

We went to my parents' home after church and grilled out.  After lunch, Ryan and Papa played each other in a game of chess.

I am grateful for wonderful Dads and Father-in-law of my own who are fabulous grandparents to my children.  Happy Father's Day!

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