Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello Summer!

Our last day of school was yesterday.  We had a great year with wonderful teachers!  I just wish they could  move up with us to first and third grades!

Last year we celebrated the last day of school with a Potato Palooza!  I had not really planned on doing a special dinner this year, but then I overheard Andrew talking to Ryan in the car on the way home at the beginning of the week.  He told him that Mommy was going to do something awesome the last day of school for dinner.  So then I had to come up with something.  What I came up with was the first annual


1-I instructed the children to dress in a silly outfit of their choosing.  I loved seeing what they came up with!  Chad and I dressed up, too! 

2-I set up our living room like a cafe.

 3-Then I gave each of them a menu for our silly restaurant and let them order their supper.

 Each item on the menu was a secret silly code for a dinner item.  The family each selected one item from each section for each course.  Of course they had no idea what they were ordering.  But in case you are curious, here is the key.

Sunray=toothpick, surfboard=knife, sand shovel=spoon, palm tree=fork 
Lake=water, mud=chocolate milk, bubbles=sprite, tropical island=orange juice
Fishies=goldfish crackers, beach balls=cherries, sunblock=blueberries, rowboats=mango slices
Air conditioning=ice cream, pool noodle=hot dog, life raft=potato skins, backyard camping=green beans

 4- I prepared each of their courses based on their orders.  Then we all giggled when they saw what they had ordered.

They thought it was hilarious when Daddy ate his green beans with a knife/surfboard.

and when Molly ate her ice cream with a toothpick/sun ray,

and when Ryan had to eat his mango with a knife.

 Each course brought new and fun surprises.   I think all of us enjoyed our silly start of summer!  Then we all had a big sleepover in the basement together, watching movies until we all fell asleep.

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Anonymous said...

You continue to AMAZE me!! LOVE YOU!!!