Monday, June 3, 2013

Molly's Ballet Recital

Molly had her end of year dance recital on Saturday on the stage at Brendle Recital Hall at Wake Forest University.  And she loved it!  She keeps asking me when she gets to go back to dance on the "very big stage" again.

Nana and Aunt Rachel came by to help with Molly's hair and make-up.

 She wasn't a huge fan of hairspray.  Luckily her blankie was there to help out!

Love her a little ballet bun!

She had two dance numbers.  Her tap performance was to "Cry Baby."  I have a video that we will post someday. (who am I kidding?  We haven't posted videos in years).

Her ballet performance was "Ugga Wugga" from the Broadway version of Peter Pan.

Molly had a huge fan base in the audience.  Her Nana, Papa, Rachel, Mom, Dad, and two big brothers were all there to cheer her on.  She loved being on stage performing.  I wasn't really sure how she would react.  She did NOT like being away from us for three hours backstage during the performance.  She told us that she wanted to go back and dance on the big stage again, but wanted us to stay with her the whole time.  I felt the same way.  Three hours was way too long for her to be away from me.  I love being the mom of my little ballerina.

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Avni said...

Danielle - Cute photos! You can post videos on YouTube. Have you tried that yet?