Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Annual Patriotic Parade, Party, and Picnic

We held our fourth annual party to celebrate the Fourth of July!  It rained while we were setting up in the morning, but the forecast said 0% chance rain for the rest of the morning.  Our guests began to arrive at 10am and we started to decorate our bikes, scooters, and wagons for the parade. 

Then the clouds rolled back in and it got really dark.

 Then the sky opened up and it began to pour!  We brought all the decorations and bikes into the garage and headed into the house and changed plans!

We had a short flag ceremony inside.

 Then the children changed into their swimsuits and headed outside for water games.  In the pouring rain.

Once the rain stopped, the kids grabbed their parade gear and we headed out.

When the parade was over we enjoyed Popsicles and more water fun.

We headed up to the Campbells for more fun and a picnic.

We went home to rest and get ready for fireworks.  The boys tried their hand at croquet and Nana and Papa and Rachel came by to see us, too.

 It kept raining on and off all afternoon, so decided not to go see fireworks where we normally go.  Instead, we stayed home and played with pop-its, sparklers, glow sticks and set fireworks off in our front yard.  The boys thought this was fabulous.  Poor little Molly was terrified of the fireworks' noise.

We appreciate the friends who came and braved the temperamental weather to party with us.  We had a lot fewer guests than we usually have (50+ instead of 80+), but just as much fun!

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