Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Week 4

 Preparing for and throwing our annual 4th of July Party took a lot of time this week, so we didn't get quite as many items checked off our list.  But we had a great time with the ones we did accomplish.

On Tuesday, we made cookies and thank you cards with our cousins and brought them to the firefighters.  We wanted to do a community service with the children, and thought that in light of the recent tragedy in Arizona, we wanted to let our firefighters know how much we appreciate them.

Another fun event this week was Andrew's Cub Scout Bike Rodeo.  He loves riding his bike, and our neighborhood isn't very bike friendly.  He put on his bucket list this summer to ride his bike a lot!

We threw our annual 4th of July Party, of course. You can go to this link, in case you missed out the dozens of pics we posted.

Going to the movies was on everyone's bucket list.  On Saturday, Nana and Papa took us all to see Montsters University.  Ryan didn't want to have his picture taken.  I used my cell phone. In a dark theater.  I think these pics turned out exactly like my college I.D.  Blurry.

Also this week, Andrew swam in another swim meet.  His relay team swam unopposed, so he got a first place ribbon.  That was pretty exciting for him.

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