Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Week 5

Sadly, we are half way done with summer.  I am not ready for it to be over.  I love having all three of my kiddos home with me all day every day.  "Only" three major bucket list items this week.

Our biggest event this week was our annual Cousin Camp.  This year, Grandma and Aunt Emily decided to host it in Pinehurst.   I forgot my camera at home, but luckily there were enough other photographers there that we have the event well documented.  :)

When we arrived, the children decorated t-shirts.  They did Sharpie Tie-Dye.  It was awesome, and even our youngest cousins were able to do it!  I love how they turned out!

While our t-shirts dried, we walked to the park and ate lunch.  On the way we sang a chant Aunt Emily taught the kiddos.  "We are the cousins, the Carolina cousins.  Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them. We are the cousins....."

After our lunch and playtime at the park, we headed to the pool.  Unfortunately, it started to thunder almost as soon as we arrived.  Aunt Jen entertained the cousins with fun games while we waited out the storm, but unfortunately it never stopped thundering.

When we got back to the house, Emily had a fun cooperative obstacle course planned.  The cousins worked as partners to guide a blindfolded cousin through the maze.

Afterwards, we celebrated the July birthdays with cake and pie.  We ended our fun day with a Dance Party on the Kinnect before driving back home!

All three of my kids had a great time! They love their cousins!

We celebrated my birthday this week, too.

Last year we did 37 Random Acts of Kindness on my birthday together as a family, and had a great time. This year, I asked if we could create 38 Blessings Bags for the Homeless.  My sons thought this was a really weird birthday party.  I hope that someday they will think of it differently, and will understand how blessed our family has been and how wonderful it is to share with others.

We started the morning shopping at the Dollar Tree for items for our Blessings Bags.  On the way to the store, we talked with the children about what it means to be homeless.  We discussed what might be helpful to someone who does not have a home.  When we got to the store, Molly told me she wanted to buy a "really big house" to put in the bags for the homeless.  I thought that was so very sweet.

When we got home, we set up an assembly line to make our bags.

The children made 38 cards to add to the bags, too.

We will place a few in each of our cars, to share with people we see in our community that are asking for help.  The rest we are taking to a day shelter next to our sons' school.

We went to dinner at Newks together.  It was delicious.  We ended the evening with cupcakes from Gigi's at my mom and dad's home.  My parents' good friends, The Thompsons, arrived in time to join us for both! It was so great to see them!

I received these beautiful flowers from some dear Relief Society friends.  Aren't they lovely?  Other friends dropped by with fruit and chocolate.  The day before my birthday, Rachel took me to get pedicures.  I felt very loved on my birthday and truly am a very blessed woman!

We have another annual tradition of dressing up like cows each summer to get free chicken.

We went swimming, to the library, had play dates, and played at Nana's this week, too!  There just aren't any pics of those things.

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