Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meeting Our Teachers

We got back from the mountains very late Wednesday night and got everything unpacked because Thursday was MEET the TEACHER DAY.

Ryan's teacher came to visit at our house Thursday morning.   Ryan's teacher is Ms. Sherrell.  She was the assistant in Andrew's first grade class and she also student taught that year.  This year she is teaching first grade!  We love her.  I could not be happier with his class placement and so glad she has returned to ABS.  Ms. Sherrell is very cheerful. All. The. Time.  She is the perfect fit for my shy little Ry-guy.

Each year, our children choose a book to give their teacher when they meet them.  Ryan chose to give his teacher the new Oliver Jeffers book, The Day the Crayons Quit along with this note.

"My name is Ryan.  I am interested about China and Caves and Rocks.  Your friend, Ryan. I am interested in owls and gray wolves."

We went to the school in the afternoon to meet Andrew's teacher, Mrs. Campbell.  She is a new teacher at our school, but not new to teaching.  This is her 28th year!  She is coming from the HAG program at Brunson.  Andrew picked out a bird book to give his teacher, because he loves birds.  It turns out that she is a bird enthusiast as well.  She also has an impressive book collection that Andrew is excited to explore.  I am excited that Andrew is in her class.  His three best school friends are in his class.  AND...drum roll...his cousin Alex is in his class this year, too!  In Andrew's words, third grade will be "EPIC!"  Those of you who are closest to our family know that I struggled to know what to do with Andrew this year as far as schooling.  We looked at several options, but in the end felt led to stay where we have been happy for 3 years.  Mrs. Campbell said that she had not been looking for a new opportunity, but that this one had fallen in her lap.  After meeting with her Thursday,  I told Mrs. Campbell it was our fault, that we had prayed her here.  :)

This is his letter that he wrote.

  I know the school year hasn't even begun yet, but I do feel the Lord's hand in the lives of my children.  As a classroom teacher, I always prayed that the Lord would allow children to be placed in my classroom who needed me, and who I needed to learn from.  Now as a parent, we pray for our children to be blessed with teachers who will love them and will help them grow and reach their fullest potential, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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