Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Week 8

The next couple of weeks before school starts are going to be crazy, intense, fun!  So this week, we had some purposeful downtime during the day.  We stayed home a little more than usual.  We played a few board games, watched movies, played video games, read books, did art projects,  and did a lot of absolutely nothing.  We went to the pool a few times in the evenings. I didn't take any pictures of those things.

  On Tuesday, we had yearly check-ups.   Molly had to get shots.  The nurse came in and told her she was going to give her two shots. When her brothers get shots, they scream, they get mad, then it is over and we move on.  I expected screams, drama, gnashing of teeth.  She stayed very still and let her give her 2 shots. Molly watched the whole time. When it was done, Molly said calmly, that hurts, I do not like shots.  She did not scream, no tears, she did not run away.  We made a big deal about how brave she had been. I was impressed and grateful for a trauma free experience.  Then the nurse left.  Molly turned and looked at me like I had betrayed her.  "Mommy, I will never come to the doctor again.  They hurt me. This is a bad place. I do not like it.  I do not like you.  Let's go home now and never come here ever again!"  She continued to bitterly curse the entire medical profession nonstop the next 20 minutes. It lasted throughout the rest of that day and the next.  She did not " get mad and move on."  She simmered for days.  It was intense.

After the shot drama, we went to Reynolda Gardens to have a picnic and climb our favorite tree.

Here is Molly, still angry about the shot from an hour ago.  She refused to look at me.

The Bishop's wife in my my parents' congregation hosts a Backyard Shakespeare Camp each year.   She does a wonderful job.  The actors are 10-18.  But she invites 8 and 9 year olds to attend the last two days of camp and join the ensemble.  Andrew was the only eight year old boy who came this year.  He called me on the first day at lunch saying he wanted to come home, because he was hot.  He decided to stay though and had a great time.  He told me after the performance that he was really glad he had stayed.

The production was composed of scenes from several different Shakespearean plays.  Andrew introduced the entire production in this awesome costume.  He was also in the ensemble in several scenes.  His favorite of course was a battle scene where he got to sword fight.

Andrew told me that the teenagers were all very nice to him.  Here are two of his favorite buddies.  His second favorite thing about camp, besides getting to be on stage,  was learning how to play a fun game called Chopsticks from the boys.  He said that they played it backstage all day long.  Andrew taught all of us how to play it, too.

Andrew is looking forward to going to Shakespeare Camp again next year.

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