Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Week 9

What a fun and wonderful week we had! I cannot believe that we are beginning week 10 tomorrow.  The last week of summer vacation.  I am not ready to go back to school!!!

 During Spring Break we had a fun Park Hopping Day, where we tried to see how many parks we could visit in one day.  We made it to 6 that day.  Of course, the kids wanted to try and beat that record this summer.  And we did.  We made it to 7 parks in one day.  It was a lot of fun.  And exhausting.  The parks we visited this time were Tanglewood, Janie Mosier, Little Creek, Hanes, Polo, Bethabara, and Oaklawn.

We also headed to Hanging Rock this week with 2 of my friends and our 10 children.

We have been waiting all summer for Bucket List #45!

Ok, this is a re-enactment.  She actually took the letter directly out of the mailman's hand.  You can see Rachel had already started to open a corner.

We made these cute (and yummy) cupcakes in honor of our "Where in the world is Rachel going on her mission? Party. "

We printed out maps and everyone pinned their guesses.

Look at all these awesome friends and family who dropped everything on a Friday night to be with us! 30 of us were there!

Rachel was called to serve in the Mesa, Arizona Mission.  She reports to the Missionary Training Center September 25th.

She is going to be an amazing missionary!  I am going to miss her so much! Now we get to plan a fun Arizona themed farewell party.  Any ideas?

Molly and Andrew each at their own sleepovers at the Krueger House this week.  And they all spent the night one night, as well.  I need to get pics of those!

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