Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home Invasion

Thursday afternoon, I was tutoring at the boys' school.  My mom was watching Molly at her house.  I had my phone turned off.   The classroom phone rang and the front desk said that I had a visitor in the lobby.  My heart sank.  I could not imagine who would be there at the school to see me.  I walked out to see my friend whose daughter goes to our school,  and breathed a sigh of relief.  Until she told me that she had come to the school to let me know that my house had been broken into an hour before and that the police were there waiting for me to come home.  I grabbed the boys and headed to my house.  I had a dozen missed calls from the alarm company, police, neighbors, and friends.   A friend met me there to take the boys to her house and another friend met me,  so that I wouldn't be alone while I talked with the police.  Chad was in Las Vegas.   The forensics team had already come to dust for fingerprints and were gone, but one officer was still there to speak with me.  She told me that the criminals came in through the doggie door in our garage and broke open our door.

***Disclaimer:  Although our doors are probably pretty dirty due to my three children's grimy hands, the black is from the fingerprinting dust.

The officer said that the police could not figure out what they had used to break open the door.  I looked down on the garage floor and saw one of Chad's hammers.  "Perhaps they used the hammer," I asked? "We don't usually leave our hammer on the floor next to our door." (I was a little surprised that no one else had noticed it).  

Once inside the house, they set off the alarm.  The alarm startled them enough that they ran out of the house without taking anything and departed back out the doggie door!!!  The police officer who was still there when I arrived told me that our alarm is the loudest she has ever heard and that she is sure that is what had saved us from being robbed.  She said she couldn't even concentrate to call the alarm company because it was so loud.  Multiple neighbors saw two teenage boys walking around the area about the same time, so we assume they are the guilty parties.  No one was caught, though. 

I am very grateful we weren't home, that nothing was taken, and that we were all safe.  I am most especially appreciative of wonderful friends who cared about me, knew where to find me, and dropped everything to come and help me.   We were very blessed. 

 However, if I can whine just a little bit, I must admit that the $200 plus dollars for a new door and the 12 hours my dad and Chad spent installing it this weekend when Chad got home was more than a little annoying.  I think I am angriest about the time these inconsiderate teenagers robbed me of with my husband.  But I am way more grateful than I am angry. :)   

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Janine said...

Hopefully this is the only time you have to blog on this topic! :)