Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sibling Photo Shoot

Four out of five of the Scribner Kids were together last weekend, so I asked them if I could get a picture of them all together.  (We missed you, Troy).  Here is a little sample of the silliness that ensued.  I will never wonder again why I can't get my own little set of Scribner Siblings to cooperate for pictures.  Just kidding.  It was actually really fun to watch them together.  To hear them laugh together, be silly together, to hear the inside family jokes from childhood, to feel the love they have for one another.  I appreciate their willingness to humor their super sappy sister-in-law.  I did manage to get a couple of really nice pictures of them together.....and a lot of silly ones.  I just shared a few.

The Olan Mills Picture, minus the matching outfits....we were debating photo shopping Troy's floating head behind Chad, but couldn't find the right pic to slip in there............yet.


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