Sunday, October 27, 2013

Apple Bobbing Family Home Evening

We had a great time on Monday night bobbing for apples and then making caramel and chocolate candy apple slices.

Old Salem

 Last week they visited downtown Winston, this week we visited Old Salem.  Both field trips were part of a comprehensive unit the children are studying about our community.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dixie Classic Fair 2013

 My kids LOVE going to the fair every fall. I love the fair, too!  I even got to be a judge again for the 3rd year.  My mom was a judge this year, too! This was the last weekend it was in town, and we planned to go Saturday morning. Poor Molly woke up in the middle of the night before the fair with a high fever, so she wasn't able to go with us.  She was so very sad.  Chad was sad she was sick, but  happy to stay home with her.  (He doesn't love the fair as much as the kids and I do).  Nana and Papa met the boys and me there.  We went when they first opened.  We waited in zero lines, and often had the entire ride to ourselves.

Ryan headed straight to the Tornado for his first ride.  He liked it a lot!

Andrew checked out the bows while Ryan rode. He added this to his Christmas wish list.

Andrew chose the Cliff Hanger as his first ride.  The man running the ride said that Andrew could not ride alone.  He said that there must be someone else to "BALANCE" the ride.  So they said Papa had to pay to ride with Andrew to make it balanced.  We laughed the rest of the day at the idea that a grown man balanced  a 45 pound boy.

Ryan was not tall enough to ride the Cliff Hanger.  He was okay with that, though.  He isn't really a thrill seeker, yet.

Both boys rode the bumper cars.  Ryan wasn't tall enough to drive himself, but had fun with Papa.

Ryan found the caterpillar roller coaster more his speed than the Cliff Hanger ride.

Both boys loved the swings.

Ryan LOVED the fun houses and big slides!

This year, Andrew has finally hit the magical 48 inches that opens the door to ride almost all the rides at the fair.  He decided to ride the Fire Ball.

For those of you unfamiliar with this awesome ride, it does this. And suspends them there upside down for what seemed to his mommy on the ground like an eternity.  My heart was racing.

He however thought it was EPIC! When he chose to ride it again, my heart could not take watching it a second time.  I chose to go take a look at a nearby booth while Papa watched.

There is also a second ride at the fair called the Fire Ball.  It spins the riders sideways in circles high in the air.

All 5 of us rode the Ferris Wheel together.

We ran into my aunt, uncle, and cousins at the fair.  My aunt took this picture of us.  The sun was in the boys' eyes.  But here is proof that I was there. :)

After enjoying a morning of rides, we headed for fair food fun.

We enjoyed looking at all of the exhibits and the boys planned what categories they wanted to compete in next year.  We brought Molly home a bag of cotton candy.  She was happy to receive it, but is begging to know when she will be better and can go to the fair, too.   We missed her and Daddy, a lot!