Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Festival

Our school held a fabulous Fall Festival yesterday.  There were games, music, and wonderful food from several local food trucks.  I have wanted to get tacos from a real taco truck for a while, not sure why, I think maybe I saw it on a show.  The tacos we ordered were amazing!  And the caramel cake from another vendor was the best I have ever eaten!  I didn't get any pics of the food, though.

The third grade parent reps hosted a football throw.  Since I am Andrew's class parent rep, Chad and I ran the game for an hour.  It was fun to be there with all of the students.  The kids at our school are so wonderful.  Everyone waited their turn, no one was unkind, everyone cheered for the other children when they threw, and they even said "thank you."  

Andrew and Ryan played street soccer with their friends.

 Molly and Ryan had their arms painted.

We spent a great deal of time at the Cupcake Walk.  We just could not win a cupcake.  Other children would walk over,step on a number, and win immediately, their first time.  One friend played 3 times and won twice!  But not the Scribners.  Chad joined the game to try and increase our chances. Andrew finally won one 20 minutes later.   Molly  became very discouraged and stopped. We asked if she could have a little cupcake for her perseverance. Andrew joined back in an effort to try and win Ryan a cupcake.  It got to be hilarious as time after time numbers were drawn and no one from our family would win.   It seemed statistically impossible.  After 30 minutes at the cakewalk with only one cupcake won, I hopped on a square and Molly reentered the game.  On the second drawing after I entered, I won.  It took all 5 of us over 30 minutes to win 2 cupcakes.  And there were only 18 spots on the board.  It was pretty funny.  I think we kept playing just to see how long it would actually take to win.

As the party was winding down, I looked across the courtyard and saw RYAN on stage!  He did not tell me he was going to get on stage.  He and his little singing partners weren't sure what they wanted to sing.  They debated back and forth and finally sang "Jingle Bells.  I was so surprised that he got up on stage willingly an sang.  He has such a sweet voice.  I love to hear him sing.

There aren't lots of pictures of Andrew.  He was off with his friends most of the time.

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