Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

We actually got a pic of them all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!  It is a Halloween Miracle! :)

Molly the Leopard went trick-or-treating and to the ward party.  She dressed up as Rapunzel at one friend's party and as Belle for another.   At her friend's party they served Witches' Brew aka sherbet punch.  Molly told them she was not allowed to drink that.  (She told me later she thought it might be tea or alcohol and knew that it wasn't "hel-fee" for her body).  

Ryan went as Indiana Jones.   Ryan always wants to be something he perceives as "cool."  This year he decided Lego Indiana Jones was cool.  I tried to convince him to let us make him of a Lego Indiana Jones like those awesome Lego men costumes floating around pinterest.  I didn't want him to feel left out because we were putting a lot of time into Andrew's costume.  But he did not think that sounded cool at all. He did not want an elaborate costume, and insisted he wanted to be the regular Indiana Jones.    I think he looks 100% cool in his costume that he planned out himself.  His Daddy made him a whip.   It was a wonderful reminder for me that fair does not always mean equal.  And that each of my children have their own needs and wants.  I love my not so little anymore Ry-guy.

 Andrew went as Laval from the Legend of Chima. He is a Lego character that only boys ages 8-12 have ever heard of before.  There are zero Laval costumes available for purchase.  So his wonderful Daddy created one from scratch. He. Is. Amazing.  The breastplate even lights up. I don't think our kids realize how lucky they are to have Chad as a Daddy.  It is just their normal.  Andrew did ask us one night "Why am I the only one that always picks costumes that we can't buy anywhere and are hard to find?"  Good question, Andrew.  LOL  But I hope you never stop being the creative and unique individual you are, my son.  It is part of what makes you My Andrew.  And I adore you.

Here is a pic of the character he is dressed up as so you can see how awesome Chad did!

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