Sunday, November 3, 2013

Molly and Mommy Date

Since Molly had been sick when we went to the fair, I promised her we would have a special day just us to go and do whatever she wanted.  She knew EXACTLY what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to the mall to ride the carousel, go to Build-A-Bear, go to lunch, and go shopping.  With each of the kids taking turns being sick, she and I had not had a chance to go yet and she was very sad about that.  So her wonderful Nana took her to do the special things.  They had a fabulous time!  

Once everyone was better, Molly and I went together and did it all again.  I was afraid she would not think it was fun anymore, but she loved it!  She acted like the "EXPERT" all day long.  She told me how to pay for the ride, walked me through how to build her kitty, and led me to the food court. It was so cute to see her "teach" me what to do at the mall. She is a very sweet and patient teacher. We had such a fun time and all day long she kept saying how much she loved me and was glad we were spending time together and that she could bring me to the mall with her.  Love my Molly-pop! 

This is Molly's new kitten, Lucy.

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