Saturday, December 14, 2013

Andrew's Arcade Extravaganza

We created an arcade in our home to celebrate Andrew's 9th birthday with a few of his friends.

When his friends arrived, they designed their own video game cups.

We set up video game systems in the living room and the playroom.  We wanted all of the boys to be able to play at the same time, to be able to play all of the games, AND be able to have time to be with every one there.  So Chad and I came up with a rotation schedule to make sure that could happen.

In Round 1, the boys played Mario Kart and Cars 2 racing games.

Round 2, they played Donkey Konga and Just Dance 4.  I think we could create our own boy band with these talented boys.

For Round 3, we played Kinnect Party and Boom Blox.

Of course, we fed these 7 hungry boys.

My friend Shanelle made these amazingly detailed cupcake toppers from fondant. They were impressive.

Boys cannot live on cupcakes alone.  We also served pizza and other yummy treats.

We sang happy birthday and then headed back to play more games.

Andrew opened presents from his very generous guests.

He gave his guests these party favors at the end of the night.

Inside the gift bag were these chocolate remote controllers I made.  They were gigantic.  I bought the chocolate mold to make cupcake toppers, but they are bigger than my hand!!!  They made fabulous party favors though.

Andrew has wonderful friends.  They are kind, polite, well-behaved, respectful, take turns, and are patient.   They are seriously the nicest boys.  And these guys are funny.  They made each other laugh all night long!  I consider it such a blessing that my sons are surrounded by such wonderful boys, and am grateful for their parents for raising such fine young men.