Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

The kids waited until 7am to get us up on Christmas morning.  They waited patiently on the stairs for their daddy to get ready.  

Andrew and Ryan chose to wear blankets over their heads.

Andrew was excited to receive the Lion Chi Temple Lego set from Santa.

Molly was very excited to receive her doll named Holly.

She also received this large tiger from Santa.

And a ballerina Lottie doll.  (Molly's taste is not quite as expensive as that of her brothers).  In her stocking she found a yellow power ranger.

Ryan was thrilled to receive the Republic Gunship.

But was almost more excited about receiving this picture of Mona Lisa.  He had secretly written a letter to Santa requesting the Mona Lisa, and gave him strict directions NOT to tell his mom and dad.  Ryan was so happy to get a copy of the picture from Santa!

 Molly dressed her new doll up in her horse riding clothing, and saddled up the tiger.

After breakfast, eggnog french toast casserole, we returned to the living room to open gifts from each other.

Ryan received a book, two new Skylander characters, Kinnex, and a ukulele from mom and dad.  He received  the Power Rangers video game from his siblings.

Molly received a horse, a power ranger costume, the Bionicle Breeze, and a zookeeper barbie  from her mom and dad.  Her brothers made her this awesome pillow!

Andrew received a book, a basketball, and a bow and arrow set with a target from his mom and dad.  His siblings gave him a Lego Chima game.

I missed getting a good pic of him Christmas morning, so this is that night.  This is the thing he wanted most for Christmas!

The kids spent the rest of the morning and then later that evening building their Lego sets and playing with other Christmas toys.

This is Molly's very first Lego Friends set.  She was so proud of herself for building it!

Andrew finished his set the day after Christmas.

Ryan finished his a couple of days after Christmas.  He did an awesome job!

We headed for a quick stop at my cousin Gina's home and saw Nanie Too-Too at lunch time on Christmas Day.

Then we rushed home to my mom's house to talk to Rachel and Emily through SKYPE on the computer.  I am so grateful for technology.

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