Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Celebration at Grandmother Stone's

Grandpa Bud arrived on the 23rd, and we met up with him at Grandmother Stone's home.  We ate dinner together and opened presents.   I gave Grandmother Stone and my dad each copies of their family histories. I had so much fun compiling them, and can't wait to add more pages as we go further back in our family lines.

Grandpa Bud treated us all with gift cards.  He is very kind and generous. Grandma Stone bought very sweet gifts for all of us, too.

My children love to have wrapping paper fights at Grandma Stone's home.

Grandmother is being forced out of her home by the Railroad Company, so this will be our last Christmas here.  Having the train so close by was always so special for my kids.  It usually comes by at least once while we are there, and sometimes twice.  But this time we saw FIVE trains in one evening.  It was wonderful!

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