Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Celebration in Pinehurst

Chad and I usually go down to Pinehurst on Christmas afternoon, but this year none of the other cousins were going to be there that day.  Grandma and Grandpa wanted all of the cousins to be able to visit at the same time, so they asked us to come down on the 27th instead.  

Molly headed straight downstairs to play with Amelia and only came upstairs to eat. The. Entire. Day.  She really, really wants a 4 year old sister.   She asks me for one all the time.  I don't have a picture of them playing downstairs all day long unfortunately.  Not sure how that happened.

The boys spent over two hours outside together playing with Masen's new gem mining kit.  He was very nice to let them try it with him. They were sooo cute together as they unearthed each new rock.  They would gather around the guide and analyze the shapes and colors to identify each one.  It was fun to hear them discuss things together so seriously.  Then after each rock was identified, they played some game where they ran around like crazy and then came back to work on the next one.  I never quite understood the concept, but they thought they were hilarious!

Ryan and Evin played Dominoes with their Aunt Emily.  They were going to play Chinese Checkers, but decided it was more fun to make cool designs with the board.  We all watched Despicable Me 2 together that evening.

After dinner we exchanged gifts.  Masen, Madylen, Amelia, and Everett gave our kids a RAINBOW LOOM!  They were so happy and excited to make their own bracelets.  (Anyone who is not sure what I am talking about, probably does not have a child between the ages of 5 to 15.  Or it hasn't hit your town yet.  It is like the new Silly Bands).

We gave both sets of Carolina cousins the game Qwirkle.  It is one of our favorites to play together as a whole family, and we hope they enjoy it, too.

Molly received a Tangled squinky from her grandparents.  She was thrilled!

The boys received Perplexus Maze Ball.  They have played with it a lot since we returned home. I love how all the cousins are so excited for each other when they open gifts.

We gave Grandma and Grandpa a picture book of our trip to Disney World this year.  They gave us a beautiful Jim Shore Santa Train collectible.  It is lovely.  We brought it home and placed it on our piano.  It looks perfect there!

It is wonderful to live near family and to have so many of the cousins together so often.

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