Monday, December 16, 2013

Church Christmas Party

Chad took Ryan and Molly to the Church Christmas Party Saturday night when Ryan and I got home from the Nutcracker.  Andrew had the flu, so he and I stayed home.  After dinner, they did a musical program.  They invited the children to dress up as parts and participate.  Molly was an angel.  Ryan was a shepherd, but they didn't have quite enough costumes.  They loved being part of the Nativity play.  Ryan came home very excited to tell me about his friends who shared a costume and dressed up as a two headed sheep.  He kept giggling every time he thought of it.  Chad had a hard time trying to get pics in the lighting, but here are a couple.  (Yes I know they are very blurry).  :)

Santa also made a visit.  Molly was very excited to see him, but then became very nervous, just like she did when she met Belle at Disney.

She warmed up once she was on his lap.  Afterwards she declared to Chad that he wasn't the real Santa, because she could see his shoes?  Not sure what that means.

When Molly got home, she was very distraught because she was still wearing her halo and angel sash.  She was afraid she had stolen it.  She started to cry and made Chad promise to bring it back to church tomorrow.  We told her we thought it was okay that she still had the garland, but she was not satisfied until we contacted the sister from church who had given her the garland for permission.  I love her sweet and tender heart!!!  Once we had convinced her that the garland was hers, she asked us to take a picture of her wearing it.

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