Sunday, February 9, 2014

Family Home Evening Plan 2014

Our family has started something new for Family Home Evenings this year. I am including it in our blog so that we can remember in future years.  It is working for us right now.  Since we have it every Monday night, and as the kids grow up, it is fun to change things up a bit, so it doesn't get boring.   We have always each taken turns doing part of the lesson, but we wanted to start teaching our children some delegation and planning skills.  This year, the person in charge of the lesson for the week lets the rest of us know what the topic will be and asks us to coordinate our scripture, songs, activity, and snack to go with the lesson.  It has worked well the first few weeks.  It has given the kids a chance to learn to lead and to follow, both equally important skills.  Especially in our family with a lot of us who like to be in charge.  :)

Since our children are 9, 6, and 4, we are providing a little bit of structure each month, to help them narrow their focus and to make sure we have some variety.  We will follow this outline the entire year.

Week 1 : Scripture Story- The person in charge of the lesson chooses any scripture story to be our evening's focus.  (We studied Noah's Ark in January).

Week 2: Family Service Project-The person in charge of the lesson chooses a service project we can all do together and coordinates efforts with the person in charge of activity.  (We made cookies together as a family and delivered them secretly).

Week 3: Conference Talk or Story from the Friend Magazine- The person in charge of the lesson chooses any story or conference talk as the focus of our evening.  (Ryan chose a story on making good media choices and we played video games together).

Week 4: Missionary Training -  This has been such a fun addition.  We are focusing on skills we will need as missionaries, out on our own.  These could be spiritual or physical skills. (We did button sewing in January)

Week 5: If there is a 5th Monday in the month, we will have a Family testimony meeting.  Mommy will be in charge of a treat.  No one is in charge of the meeting.  That way our rotation of 5 people through 4 themes, will allow us all to have a chance to lead each kind of lesson.

Here are a few pics from our first Missionary Training Week, we focused on learning how to sew on a button.  This was Molly's choice.  Andrew made button cookies for our treat.

The scriptures and songs they chose were about missionary work.  Ryan had the activity and chose for us to make these button hearts after we learned to sew buttons.

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