Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Week 2014

Valentines Day, or Loving Heart Day, as Molly calls it,  is a big deal at our home and always has been. We started out the week by decorating our front door with hearts, a family tradition in honor of me heart attacking Chad's home the first year we dated.

Family Home Evening Night was service night.  We made these adorable heart shaped bird feeders for our teachers and family.  This was so easy and so fun.  I love how they turned out! The birds have loved them, too.  I just haven't been able to get close enough to catch a pic of one.  If you want to make them, I found directions here.   You just need gelatin and bird seed!

On Wednesday, I hosted my last ever Mommy and Me Valentine's party.  Our book was The Giving Tree.  All of the big kids were out of school, so ten school aged kids watched a movie unsupervised in the basement while 7 little ones were upstairs having a party.  I went downstairs after everyone left, and you could not even tell anyone had been there.  My friends seriously have the best behaved children in the world!

Since we had school out Wednesday through Friday, the kids had a great time playing in the snow all week long, too.  They are lucky to have friends in the neighborhood to play with.

Since we have been snowed in this week, the kiddos were home all day for Valentines Day.  Unfortunately, Molly was sick, so we did not get to have the Sister Missionaries over as we had planned, but we still had a great day.  We gave the kids cards and books in the morning and made our traditional heart shaped waffles.  Chad got me beautiful roses and I gave him chocolate and a tie.  For dinner we had our "fancy" dinner, heart stacking contest, dance party, and fondue.  Chad won the heart stacking contest with 26.  Andrew is determined to beat him someday!

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