Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Brunch at Church

We had the awesome opportunity to participate in THREE egg hunts on Saturday.  To avoid having a super long post, I have divided it into multiple sections, but we just had so many wonderful things happen on Saturday, I had to share!

Our ward used to have Easter Egg hunts every single year.  As activity chair and then as primary president, it turned out that I was in charge or involved with heading them up for almost all of the ones held during out first 9 years of our marriage.  The years we had no children.  Then once I had children old enough to hunt eggs, our ward stopped the tradition of egg hunts.  Until this year.  Our last year here.  And this year, was the best one ever!  Not only because I wasn't in charge and could just enjoy it, (LOL) not only because I had three of my own beautiful children to be able to watch hunt eggs, but because the committee seriously ROCKED and did a fantastic job! Way better than any I ever threw.   They served a lovely brunch, had a spiritual message, divided the kiddos up by ages for well planned out games, then because it was raining off and on, had the kids hunt in three different groups inside the building.  All three kids had a wonderful time, and so did Chad and I.    We are going to miss our church family so much.

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